Saturday, 31 January 2015

Come Play With Me- "Gold"

Oh joy! It's time for another Come Play With Me feature! I just love the anticipation of the next theme. You never know what kind of makeup will be needed for the next look, it's rather exciting having a new inspiration for creating some makeup fun.

Cathy from Silver Screen Beauty Queen kicked off her chosen "Gold" theme, with a lovely sunkissed golden look, so pretty!

I love gold shades, but it's not something that I wear often, so I was only too happy to create a look based on this warm metallic shade.

EveryDay Minerals "Viki's Radiant Creation" Lucent finishing powder.
L'Oreal "Golden Apricot" Delicioux Blush.
Benefit Sun Beam highlighter.

6-Pan MAC palette highlighter shade.
88 Warm Palette blending shade.
Hi-Fi Cosmetics "Mornings of Gold", Refelection of Self" and "Ghosts of Christmas Eve" eye shadows on lid.
YBF Automatic Eye Brow Pencil.

Urban Decay "Bourbon" 24/7 Eye Liner.
Savvy "Glitzy Gold" Luxury Eye Liner.
Mirenesse No.27 Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine gloss.
Hi-Fi Cosmetics "Mornings of Gold" eye shadow on center of lips.

To be honest, I'm not even sure where I was going with this look, I was just trying to incorporate gold hues throughout my entire look.

Will you join me in Come Play With Me- "Gold"? If so, please link your post in the comments.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Alkemia "New Orleans Love Spell"

Description "A lascivious blend of night flowering New Orleans jasmine and fiery spices igniting a base of red sandalwood and skin musk."

First applied, New Orleans Love Spell has a pungent, green and metallic scent. The spices emerge upon drydown, transforming the green to a hot red. 

Sandalwood grounds the perfume as this note does so well.

Such an interesting blend.

Sexy? Maybe in its most raw, animalistic form. Though, as with perfumes, sexiness is very subjective.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation

I've been itching to try Silk Naturals HD Cream foundation. Because I have foundation that I am still getting through, I kept delaying. Well, being in need of some of my regular SN must-haves and a sale prompted me to go ahead and order some cream face product samples.

This formula contains ceramic microspheres that give an airbrushed finish.

Samples come in handy clam shells with enough product for a few uses. Certainly enough product to determine whether the foundation is a match for you.

Well, the colour of this swatch looks crazy dark, but blended out is a pretty good match.

I found that swirling first in the product with a flat top brush, then applying seems to give me the best finish.

The foundation is easily buildable. Although, it is meant to dry with a semi-matte finish, it is more of a dewy look on my skin, which is really what I'd prefer, anyway. This could be as a result of my oily t-zone. I like that it doesn't make my skin look flat or too shiny.

I recently posted a FOTD using Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation here. In this photo, I did not wear a powder, although, it didn't slip and slide all over my face, I much prefer to set the foundation with a dusting of finishing powder. Certainly ensures longevity.

I have gone from mineral powder foundations to liquids, and now thanks to Silk Naturals stick foundation, I'm loving cream foundations!

Do you stick to one type of foundation, or change it up a bit?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stocktake- Lip Pencils, Lipstick and Gloss

I do love my lip products, going through phases of buying various shades and finishes from time to time.

Using a lip liner has not always been a priority, hence my handful of lip liners. I now use a lip liner whenever I wear lipstick or gloss. 

Here I have the 2 plastic drawers dedicated to lipstick (top) and glosses.

The lip products that don't fit in the drawers sadly sit in this basket. You poor neglected makeup, I will get to you one day!

After checking out my makeup collection post from March 2013. It seems I have accumulated a few more lip liners. The amount of lipsticks and glosses has increased, but not by a crazy amount, phew!

What do you prefer, lipsticks or lip glosses? I used to always wear a lip gloss, whether on its own, or over a lipstick, now I seem to gravitate toward a lippie on its own.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Australia Day Nails

Happy Australia Day! I'm not actually going anywhere to celebrate the day, but I am proudly Australian. 

Our family will have a laid back BBQ tonight, which is a typical Aussie thing to do, isn't it.

Of course, I couldn't let the day go by without showing you some nail looks I created over the past couple of weeks.

I attempted a waterfall mani, beginning with a gold base colour, then using a thin brush to paint on strokes, using yellow and green polish.

Another look, I used a sheer nude, then green and yellow swirled through a white tip.

Finally, I tried a reverse gradient with gold and green holo polishes. This is where you begin with a gradient. Then nail striping tape to create the desired lines. Apply another gradient over top, only in reverse, then while wet remove the tape. 

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

JLo "My Glow"

JLo "My Glow" is a perfume that found a place in my collection, thanks to it being an unwanted gift of my daughter's. I was going to at least give it a try.

Perfume description- "It includes lavender, lotus, freesia, peony, white rose, green leaves, Casablanca lily, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope and precious wood."

The perfume certainly is not the floral explosion that I'd expect from a description like that.

I find it to be quite soft and fresh, with enough floral to cut through the sweetness. 

The fragrance is innocent and playful, suitable for a teen exploring the perfume world. 

I do find the longevity to be quite good, albeit, it is very close to the skin, only enveloping the wearer.

The bottle is sweet, having an angel as the stopper. A little too "cutesie" for me, but I appreciate JLo's direction for this perfume. She was pregnant when creating this fragrance, and captured the angelic essence beautifully.

Are you a celebrity perfume tragic like I am?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Eye Looks Featuring Aromaleigh "Sol Invictus" Collection

I finally got to showing you Aromaleigh's Sol Invictus sample collection. If you didn't see the beautiful eye shadows that I swatched, you can see that post here. Today I wanted to show you the looks created using each shade from the collection.

 Topsy Turvy, Saturnalia and Lua Saturni

 Oscilla, Sigillaria and Luxuriae Maniae

Opalia, Aureum and Lord of Misrule

Sol Invictus, Unchained Revelry and Munera

 The shadows were as good to use as they looked. So beautiully pigmented, yet buildable and blendable.

Which look would you try?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Aromaleigh "Sol Invictus" Collection

I was lucky enough to win the "Sol Invictus" sample collection from indie mineral makeup company, Aromaleigh. I received the sample set of eye shadows before Christmas, but with the craziness of the end of last year, I am sorry to be bringing it to you now. Better late than never, right?

Aureum- A richly shimmering soft warm gold

 Luxuriae Maniae- Purple with golden duo chrome

10 Saturnalia- Golden greyish teal

Oscilla- Golden neutral

Lord of Misrule- Deep plum

Lua Saturni- Indigo

Munera- Rich golden taupe

Topsy Turvy- Steely green

Opalia- Foiled pink

Unchained Revelry- Berry to copper duo chrome

Sigillaria- Golden amber

Sol Invictus- Bronzed berry

Well, there you have it! So many gorgeous shades that are right up my alley, as I'm really loving metallics at the moment. 

Stay tuned for the next post where I'll show you some looks created with this collection :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Stocktake- Face Products, Mascara, Blush

New year and time to take stock of my makeup collection. I'll show you the products that I don't seem to be quite so obsessed with.

Just one plastic drawer for my face products. Foundation, concealer, primer, highlighter, they all fit easily.

I am getting through my mascaras, albeit slowly. I haven't bought mascara for months, and don't intend to, until I only have 2 left.

My selection of blushes has halted, as they don't all fit in a plastic draw. It will be sometime until I buy more. I have actually stuck to not buying blushes, and hopefully will continue.

For comparison, you can check out my makeup collection from March 2013.

What makeup items do you find you have more self control over?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ciencia8 Mature8

Now that I've turned 40, I realise that my skin needs more care, so will opt for products that target ageing skin.

Reading the product description, it's pretty clear that Mature8 is for the older lady, This product is jam packed with peptides that work together to actually redensify the structure of the skin. Reversing signs of ageing like sagging and thinning skin.

As with the other Ciencia8 moisturizers, this cream also comes in an airless jar. This means that the actives don't lose their effectiveness. It is also hygienic.

Although, this product is a cream moisturizer it is actually quite light in consistency.

It smooths over the skin beautifully, absorbing rather quickly. One pump, and I have enough for face, neck, and even a little for my hands.

Ciencia8 has formulated all of their products to inject plenty of hydration into the skin. I find this particularly so with Mature8. I have combination skin, so initially I was hoping that this cream wouldn't be too rich. But, quite the opposite, my skin absorbs the product rather quickly. Since using, I have not found I have had any major break outs. 

My skin now feels so hydrated, I have noticed this especially around my eye area, which had become quite crepy and drier compared to the rest of my face. But, since using the cream, I have noticed a softening in the more obvious crows feet, the skin seems to be more plump, which in turn diminishes lines.

I must admit, that I had not sought out to buy Mature8. It was included in a Christmas value pack that I just couldn't resist. It fit easily within the Ciencia8 skincare routine I'm currently using, as each product need not be completely absorbed before applying the next.

I can't say that I necessarily need Mature8, (especially at the retail price of $179!) but as I have almost finished the jar, I will admit that this product will be missed.