Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Confessions of a Panner

If you are a regular reader, you would be aware of my focus on finishing makeup products this year. My 2 panning projects being "Pan that Palette" where I have been trying to finish an 88 eye shadow palette, and a rolling 5 pan, which entails adding new products as I finish any of the 5 products in the project.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, I thought I would write a fun little post on some "confessions" I must make as an active panner trying hard to finish those products.

*I apply a full face of makeup even when I have no plans to go anywhere. To be fair, even before panning, I would get shopping out of the way after dropping the kids off at school, then come home and apply makeup, just for the enjoyment of it and having a play. By waiting until I have no where to go, I can use bright colours I would not feel comfortable to wear out in my little country town.

*I make sure to include that pop of inner eye highlight, brow bone highlight along with the cheekbones, to get as much use out of a highlighter or eye shadow as I possibly can.

*When it comes to lip products, I don't just line my lips, but fill them in too with the liner. I need to make that lipstick last for hours even though I plan to reapply it during the day. Speaking of which, sometimes lipstick and gloss needs to be reapplied even though I plan to remove my makeup in the next 30 minutes.

*Panning such a huge palette I learnt that I could use the eye shadows as highlighter and blush which helped me get through shades "quicker". My makeup routine now also includes setting that black eyeliner with the black eye shadow that just never wants to quit. I know some "beauty gurus" like to set their eyeliner, but I've never needed to in the past.

*When applying eye shadow, I really load that brush up then load some more, which leads me to tapping off the excess. No one wants fallout, right? Of course, I need that extra few pats of eye shadow on the lid to really make the colour "pop", which means loading that brush up again and yep, tapping off the excess. So now I have as much eye shadow to wipe off my palette as what I have on my lids.

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 13 November 2017

Swisse Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser

I am quickly filling up my skincare stockpile with Swisse Skincare. So far I have enjoyed the products that I have tried and figured it was about time I tried one of their cleansers. Now that I prefer a cream cleanser on my older skin, I bought the Swisse Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser.

Taken from Swisse- "Swisse Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser is a natural, botanical enriched cleanser. Luxuriously formulated to remove makeup and impurities while leaving the skin nourished for a bright complexion. Enriched with sweet almond oil and plant extracts to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin, and with witch hazel and rice water to minimise the appearance of pores and achieve a balanced complexion, without losing moisture."

The cleanser comes in a 125 ml plastic squeeze tube with flip-top lid. It is of a thick creamy consistency. The scent is very subtle smelling sweet, yet natural.

I have to be careful when applying the creamy cleanser to not apply too much, as I've found a little goes a long way. This is why I prefer a pump-top because I am less likely to over do it.

I just love the feel of a creamy cleanser on my skin. This one feels gentle whilst removing any last remaining traces of makeup after oil cleansing at night. (I  haven't been using a cleanser in the morning lately).

As with most cream cleansers I have used, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth. The difference with this product though, is that my skin also feels tight. Maybe that's the wrong word to use, because it doesn't feel stripped and dry. More hydrated, yet firm.

Swisse Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser is a definite win for me!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Project Pan 2017 Update #5

So the rolling 5 pan continues. The following photo shows where my project was in September.

Now I'll show you the progress since then.

I was surprised at how quickly I got through the LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder. I really enjoyed the satin finish of this powder. Although it was satisfying watching the pan get bigger and bigger, I am actually a little sad that I have finished it.

So this little guy is still going (insert eye roll) I have been using the Smashbox lip liner as a lipstick almost every single day and I am over it, but I am determined to finish it. Surely by the end of the year I can be done with it!

 I love the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze, it's such an easy shade to wear on its own and works well using it as an eye shadow base. I've made some progress, but am not disappointed that I still have plenty left.

Along with the Smashbox lip liner, I have been using this NYX lip gloss almost daily. I am happy to see that I'm close to finishing it. Very happy!

Now if it looks like I have barely touched the Milani Luminoso blush, it's because I have. Barely touched it, that is. I have used it a handful of times in the last 2 months because I have been concentrating on a couple of eye shadows from my 88 Warm palette.

I am going to replace the LA Colors powder with this Swisse BB Cream. I loved this bb cream in Winter, as it gives me a dewy finish, but I've noticed now that the weather is getting warmer, my face seems to get a bit too shiny.

Since the last update I only finished 1 product, so that brings my tally to 8 products so far. 

Obviously we don't have another 2 months left in the year, so I will endeavour to update you at the end of next month when hopefully the 2 lip products are no more!

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 6 November 2017

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Lotion

If you read my Skin79 Sunscreen you would know that I loved it, giving it HG status, but the issue I have is that it is hard to find. Hence why I bought the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Lotion. As well as being zinc based, there on the label it also has the words "sheer" and "dry-touch". I couldn't not try it!

Taken from Neutrogena Australia- "Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Lotion is a mineral based sunscreen that provides high sun protection with naturally-sourced Zinc Oxide technology. This gentle formula delivers broad spectrum protection filtering harmful UVA and UVB rays from skin with Purescreen Technology.

Suitable for daily protection, it contain Vitamin E, a skin conditioning anti oxidant and leaves an invisible finish on skin even under makeup. Our Dry-Touch technology ensures this sunscreen dries with a non-greasy, lightweight finish. Plus its mild for sensitive skin."

The sunscreen is packaged in a 59 ml plastic squeeze tube with flip-top lid. It has a sunscreen scent, but it's not at all strong, there's also a powdery note, so it's quite pleasant and not overpowering.

The lotion is quite thick in consistency.

It was apparent that this sunscreen was zinc-based as soon as it touched my skin. The lotion goes on easily enough, but gives me a thick white cast that just doesn't seem to blend well. On my light-medium skin tone, I look like ET. If you've seen the movie, I look like him in that scene when he is sick and dying.

I didn't give up hope, though, because this was going to be dry to the touch. Nope, stays tacky all day, not as sticky, but certainly not dry to the touch either. The white cast does fade, but only slightly so I still look sickly.

The Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Lotion is a fail for me, actually a huge disappointment. Sorry Neutrogena, but I must be honest! (Maybe you should be saying sorry to me, lol!) The only reason I will continue to use this tube is that their claim that it is fine under makeup is true. I don't need a primer when using this sunscreen and the makeup seems to hide the pale mess underneath.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October Empties

I know this doesn't really need to be said, but it's now November.........and how did that happen exactly????????? I feel like we reached October, I blinked then it was November. Actually, that's been the theme for the year, really. Anyway, you're here for the empties, so here they are.

          I'll begin with some skincare.

Sukin Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser- A natural moisturiser with some lovely anti-aging ingredients. Quite light and fast absorbing, so great for a day moisturiser.
Repurchase? I have some other moisturisers to get through before buying anymore at this stage.

Swisse Kakadu Plum Brightening Serum- A light weight serum that delivers radiance to the skin.
Repurchase? I am currently using my 2nd bottle and probably would repurchase, but it's no longer available, sadly.

Ganique Eye Lift Serum- An eye serum with peptides and other goodies such as hyaluronic acid all in one easy to use product? I had to try it!
Repurchase? Unfortunately, it didn't do a lot for my aging under eye area, so I won't be buying again.

Moreish Cream Cleanser- I much prefer using a cream cleanser these days, even better when the cleanser works well and is affordable.
Repurchase? I have 2 back ups, so it's safe to say that I love this cleanser!

NS-8 Leg Cream- This is a cream formulated to comfort tired legs. I quite liked the cooling effect that this cream gives.
Repurchase? Nice cream, but I'm not sure that I really need it.

Salon System Matte Base Coat- I bought this base coat from bargain website Ozsale. I'm not sure that it actually helped my nail polish last longer like other base coats I have used in the past.
Repurchase? Nope, but I do have another one I'm going to try and finish.

I am decluttering the 2 Models Inc nail polishes, as I mentioned in my Nail Polish Declutter Intro, they weren't opaque and I have other reds with a better formula. I am also saying goodbye to the YBF Neutralizing Cream and Loose Powder Duo. The powder is too yellow for my skin tone and this compact is too old to be holding onto.

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 30 October 2017

Quick Halloween Nail Look

I had good intentions to create Halloween makeup and nail looks, but life has gotten in the way, so I created some easy nail art.

I began with a grey base coat. I used Essence nail polish The Dawn Has Broken. I then used a sponge to dab on some black then white nail polish. I was going for an old headstone look. To add a little creepy factor, I used Mirenesse nail polish in Burlesque, a red shade, to replicate dripping blood.

Hmmm, not overly Halloween-y, but I had fun creating it.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Nail Polish Declutter Intro

With over 400 nail polishes I decided it was time to declutter my collection. In the past I have gone through my polishes and removed some of the dupes I had. This time around I wanted to thoroughly go through my polishes. I decided that I will try and apply every nail polish that I own, see how I find not only the colour, but how it wears.

My aim is to check in monthly and show you the nail polishes I have tried in that time. I only apply a different nail polish probably twice a week, so this project is going to take quite a while.

Crazed For Coral

Burnt Orange

Burlesque Strip

True Red

Red Rage

Out of these orange/red polishes, I will be keeping all but the Models Inc True Red and Red Rage. I feel that I don't need so many reds and these are the 2 that don't perform as well formula wise. They are both not as opaque as the others.

Nail polish tally- 3